The new season of Feel the Flow meetings has come!

Feel the Flow is an initiative operating under the Warsaw Society of Biotechnology “Symbioza”. It includes a series of meetings on the questions concerning scientific work, organised in association with the scientific community in Poland and all over the world. It is aimed at people determined to conquer the labour and education market. A scientific career is not an easy mission. Therefore, it is crucial to get some information about this topic and our project enables it. Monthly meetings with people of science, business, as well as world-renowned scholars may be a source of the necessary knowledge. We invite very successful people so they can show young scientists how to manage their careers.

How to write an article and make its way to the reviewers and readers? Are the Impact Factor and h-index needed? Is scientometry more important than scientology? How to make research grants? When and where to go for intership? Is it worth to apply for patents, create start-ups and spin-offs? These topics are rarely discussed while studying. Experts will give us some answers – our guests can not only show incredible scientific achievements off, but also share above-average experience about acquiring soft skills necessary to stay on top of science.

Each Feel the Flow meeting consists of two parts – the lectures, when invited guests discuss a chosen issue, and the discussion during which the audience has an opportunity to get answers to their questions and share their own experience. We should also remember that science is based on people at all levels – FF is a perfect chance to make friends with other students, researchers and scientific freaks, so it helps to establish many valuable contacts.